Have you counted your Drive Time near Tucson lately?

The thought might occur to you every day on your way to and from work: Tucson is a nightmare for traffic. The city really is not set up for free flowing movement. It seems every hundred feet there is a stoplight.

It doesn’t mean it is a bad area to live; however the traffic is one unfortunate element.

Have you ever timed your drive to work?  Do it and you may be surprised.  Tucson has really overgrow its infrastructure; the road systems just provide no outlets to better moving freeways.

If you time your drive and find it is taking you 15-20minutes, it might be time to relocate.   Have you ever considered you can get twice the house and three times the property by moving outside of town?

Take for example Red Hawk at J6 Ranch in Cochise County. It is clear Freeway driving all the way at just a 30-minute clip. Best of all, you are not battling traffic flowing to and from Phoenix.

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