Active and Peaceful Lifestyles Welcome

I wasn’t surprised to learn that besides great prices for spacious lots, Customers at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch are most drawn to the area near Tucson because of the activities.

Most are in there 40’s or 50’s and just wanted some space to breathe and enjoy the activities they love.  Most mention the hiking and walking in the open spaces. Others also say the access to their horses and hunting areas in the nearby Whetstone Mountains.

You are near Kartchner Caverns, an underground phenomenon unlike any other. You’ll find stunning living caverns with huge stalactites and stalagmites. There are Bats that make this their home as it serves as a nursery roost for bats during the summer months.

There is also great hiking. Red Hawk at J6 Ranch is  at the foot of the Whetstone Mountains.  This is unique from Tucson since there is vegetation and a much more comfortable climate.

Nearby there are the Dragoons, Mules, Whetstones, Chiricahuas, Huachucas, Peloncillo, Perilla, Dos Cabezas and Swisshelms.

Some of the people who found a  building lot near Tucson Arizona and moved into the area simply love it for it’s scenery, peacefulness and wonderful sunsets.  Whether by foot, by horse, or by simply soaking in the scenery, Red Hawk at J6 ranch is perfect for your new home.

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