A different way of operating- the right way.

Call it higher standards.

That’s what every buyer looks for in a place to call home. No one wants to  find themselves in a situation where someone else has cut corners and now you are paying the price.

Have you checked ever aspect of the property where you want to build a new home neat Tucson? You may want to carefully check if the utility hook-ups are up to standards, how the roads are constructed, how the area is maintained.

You will find that’s what is unique about Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch master-planned community. It’s just a half hour from Tucson in Cochise County. It is a pleasant surprise they do things the “right way.”

The lots are completely developed to specs, the infrastructure done with high quality materials. Homeowners say they like the peaceful, cleaner atmosphere and the maintenance is a stop up in Cochise county.

Best of all, new home builders can choose their lots that range from 2.5 to 5 acres that start at  $69,000.

This Arizona land offers paved roads and underground utilities are already ready for hook-up.

Check out the difference when you see it for yourself at your new home near Tucson.

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