Good Roads lead to new building lots just outside of Tucson

One of the first things new home builders want is a good road to their new home.

It is interesting to find what separates Red Hawk at J6 Ranch is its paved roads that are maintained by the county. Prospective builders are shying away from areas with private roads where there is uncertainty about maintenance and costs.

Cochise county maintains the roads so there is certainty of excellence. We recently noticed on the county site how the roads are maintained well. Here is an excerpt demonstrating their standards.

“Operations Maintenance conducts field work from five individual Road Yard bases (Highway Maintenance Yards) in the North and South districts.   Crews cover County Maintained roads according to prioritized scheduling and approved work plans, and routine maintenance activities range from the grading of native surfaced roads and the repair or preservation of paved road surfaces, to drainage and other roadside maintenance.  A wide variety of additional work is performed to maintain structures and guarantee safe driving conditions on roads within the network of County Maintained Roads.    Seasonal projects may include the combined resources of more than one Road Yard Crew and equipment shared by both North and South Districts.   Crews may be spread out over hundreds of square miles performing routine maintenance activities, emergency repairs and storm patrols, or they may converge during chip seal season to construct and pave roads or perform other highly visible surface maintenance projects.  No matter the job, the presence of our Operations Maintenance Crews and other Highway & Floodplain support staff is vital to the transportation needs of citizens in every corner of Cochise County. ”

That’s good news for the home buying public at Red Hawk at J6 ranch just 30 minutes outside of Tucson.

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