Comparison on Schools near Red Hawk at J6 Ranch

One of the first questions people ask when building a home is ” what kind of schools will area children attend?”  It’s an important question not only for the new home buyer who has kids, but also any homeowner as the quality of nearby school systems greatly affects property values.

Here are some of the some of the numbers showing the quality of schools within 10-15 minutes of  Red Hawk at J6 Ranch near Tucson, AZ. The statistics are from the Arizona Department of Education.

——Click on the picture to get a more magnified view of the actual numbers—–

Schools near new building property

Arizona Department of Education School Comparison

You will note several things about the statistics. While Arizona has good schools, the schools  near Red Hawk at J6 Ranch out perform many of the districts in the state. Compare the higher graduation rates in Vail and the Benson districts and those same rates with the Schools in Tucson.

The districts within 10 minutes of the new home building lots score often 20 percentage points higher in nearly all subjects than most schools in this region of Arizona.

The numbers do not lie.

In today’s world, education means value— property value. You will find it at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch.

Check out the view from your new home:

Great Schools in Arizona

View from your new home

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