Resources for Going Green when building near Tucson

Red Hawk at J6 ranch just outside of Tucson is offering helpful information for prospective lot buyers at its development to encourage energy and natural resources conservation.
The development has set up a library of information on its website at as a resource for those who wish to build a home in the development so they can remain in touch with current trends and ideas in technology for going green.

Red Hawk is located in an area that has more than 300 days filled with sunshine each year. That means homeowners can now tap into the solar power generated to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, the leading experts on going green are within a short distance from Red Hawk at the University of Arizona in Tucson and Arizona State University in Tempe. That alone tells you this is an area that is environmentally conscious.

Red Hawk at J6 Marketing Director Tricia Friedrich says “we have such a lovely setting and prime location that we want to see homeowners who appreciate this natural resource and keep it environmentally sound for years to come.”
That often means going green… saving energy, and conserving water.

Friedrich says the development’s management wanted to make sure homeowners were able to find the right resources and information in their efforts to build green. So it set upon a goal of finding the most respected and cutting edge information and placing it on the Red Hawk at J6 website.

The site has information and links to well regarded informational portals such as , which recently listed the Tucson area as 20th out of 50 areas listed in the United States for leading edge green technology.

Academic innovators at Arizona State University have compiled a treasure trove of information on the latest techniques for building green. The sites lists some of the information and has links to the main site from Arizona State University

Finally, there are other valuable resources on the website that reveal some good tips from regarding assistance and incentives for building green. The good thing about building at Red Hawk at J6 is there is no rush to start or complete a building project until you have all the latest information.
Red Hawk might be the only development that does not require you to build within an immediate time frame once you buy a lot. You also can select any builder you would like making it even easier to go green with your personally selected builder that is experienced in the builder
You hear it called going Green…. and green might also mean money is your pocket.

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