Buyers attracted to Tucson Development for Recreation

A Tucson, Arizona area building development reports an upsurge in interest due to its close proximity to recreation activities near the Whetstone Mountains.
Red Hawk at J6 Ranch is located at the base of the Whetstone Mountains with glorious views less of the scenery less than a half hour drive from Tucson.
Buyers in the development report they like the area’s close location to the Hiking, Birding, Horse Riding and recreation Arizona offers.
“We hear from those who build homes here that they really want to live in area that affords them an active and outdoors based lifestyle” said Tricia Friedrich, Marketing Director at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch.
The building lots are some of the most affordable property in Arizona and offer paved roads with utilities already installed.
Buyers have responded. “They like the close proximity of Tucson for work with just a short commute and the space in their neighborhood for access to recreation” said Friedrich.
Some of the offerings include Cochise Stronghold- a collection of granite boulders in the Dragoon Mountains that Apache leader Cochise and his men used as a natural fortress. The hiking here is unparalleled.
You can hike the 4.5 mile Cochise Stronghold over the Stronghold Divide to meet the West Stronghold Canyon trail head. The hike is moderately strenuous.
The Arizona Trail is a rugged trail that is more than 800 miles long. It starts at the Mexican border and goes north to the border of Utah. The first 21 miles are in Sierra Vista’s Huachuca Mountains in Sierra Vista.
Trails in the Huachuca Mountains include Miller Canyon the Crest Trail and many others. You’ll also find trails like the Coronado Cave Trail and others in Coronado National Memorial .
Other activities include Climbing the spectacular granite outcroppings make this a premier area for technical climbing and skilled bouldering.
Birding enthusiasts are also attracted to the area of the Stronghold offer many opportunities for bird-watching. Among the birds you may expect to see are Mexican jay, hummingbird, prairie falcon, turkey vulture and golden eagle.
You can even go off road for excitement.
Vehicles with high clearance and 4-wheel drive can cross the Dragoon Mountains on several rough roads. Dirt forest roads join Cochise Stronghold on the east side to Council Rocks on the west side of the Dragoons. There is also a drive to the old Butterfield Stage Coach stop at Dragoon.
Kartchner Caverns offers another unique type of recreational experience.
The limestone hills at the base of the Whetstone Mountains offers the entrance in the bottom of a sinkhole where a narrow crack leads into the hillside and eventually a pristine cavern.

The formations that decorate caves are called “speleothems.” Usually formations are composed of layers of calcite called travertine deposited by water.

According to their website-Kartchner Caverns is home to:
*one of the world’s longest soda straw stalactites: 21 feet 3 inches (Throne Room)
*the tallest and most massive column in Arizona, Kubla Khan: 58 feet tall (Throne Room)
*the world’s most extensive formation of brushite moonmilk (Big Room)
*the first reported occurrence of “turnip” shields (Big Room)
*the first cave occurrence of “birdsnest” needle quartz formations
*many other unusual formations such as shields, totems, helictites, and rimstone dams.

All of these activities are near Red Hawk at J6 where the ready-to-build lots feature:
*2.7-5 acre parcels
*Full connections including water, electric, phone, internet
*Mountain views
*Convenient 30 minute freeway drive to Tucson

17% of the land in Arizona is private property proving what a bargain these building lots are now.
MSN recently named Tucson Arizona one of the best land price deals in the U.S.
With the hard data in hand, you can easily see the value of the savings you will get at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch where lots 2.5 to 5 acres start at just $69,900.
Remember, there is no time frame deadline to build on these lots. You can also pick your designer and builder.

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