Tucson Land a great investment.

Check your investment accounts lately. Some people might find that their money may not be working to improve their portfolio as much as it should.

For years, land has been one of the most stable investments for your money. The past years correction in the market means the investment is as cheap as it has ever been. You can twice the land for the money as you have been able to buy in the past. Why not take advantage now as the prices on land in the Southwest continue to sell for great value?

What sets the lots at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch apart is the fact that the costs of building roads and adding utilities will continue to skyrocket if you buy somewhere else. Those things are already in place at Red Hawk. Who wants to move onto land with the added hassle of no roads and no utilities installed.

There are no association fees, no worries about road improvement or maintenance. The road in front of your house is maintained by Cochise County.

This scenic property less than a half hour drive from Tucson offers you the chance to find value now, before prices rise. Lots start at $69,900.  Compare that to any deal in Tucson and you’ll find the best property value around.

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