No better time to invest in land

In these up and down economic times , one investment now seems to be the most stable. The recent large fluctuations in the stock market make one wonder about safe harbors in a time of such risk.  Although land prices have gone downward in recent years, we’ve seen a bottoming out of the land market in terms of prices and prices look to climb higher again. The reason is the stability of land in relation to the stability of wildly fluctuation markets.

I once heard a man tell this wise old story:

With the stock market still in a slump the time has never been better than to invest in land.  The one corner of your life that will always be there, aside from family, is your land.  Values may drop, but they always come back, don’t wait and see, find out for yourself.  Ask your Dad.  Mine always said “buy land it is a safe investment”. 

I remember many years ago driving across western Arizona to visit relatives.  The were for sale signs throughout the desert.  My thought at the time was, who would buy this desert?  Now I know how Tucson and the surrounding suburbs have developed. You don’t want to say that the  surrounding area could have been one great investment. Having a mountain view with a spacious lot is icing on the cake.

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