More Snowbirds spending, building near Tucson.

The Tucson area economy is rebounding and a successful winter of snowbirds spending certainly  helps. Some may want to consider building their own home here at record prices.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, snowbirds suddenly seem to appear in large numbers and take over the roads and shops. With them comes something good for the state: money.

A study done by Arizona State University professors, during the 2002-2003 winter season, more than $600 million was put into the Arizona economy by snowbirds living in RV/trailer/mobile homes alonge.

Researchers estimated 300,000 snowbirds in Arizona for that season. The study used to survey RV parks, since most were using mobile homes as their winter residencies. It found however, that increasing numbers had second homes, eliminating check in records, which made it difficult to know when they came and left.

Those choosing to buy homes often cite the freely flowing  traffic, good pricing and environment for choosing to build a home here that can be used year-round or just during the winter.

Snowbirds generally come from the upper-Midwest states such as Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and other norther states including Washington and Oregon.  January to April is the strongest time for business from snowbirds. Demographics have also changed.

You can now find snowbirds in their 50s who make purchases now while they are still working and when prices are lower.

There is no better time to buy property and build a home near Tucson , snowbird or not.

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