Safety figures show benefit of living just outside of Tucson

The most recent figures from the Arizona Department of Public Safety show that living in Cochise County is much safer than living in neighboring Tucson and Pima County. The report shows that violent crimes in Cochise County happen at roughly one tenth the rate that they happen in Pima County.

Part of the reason may be the spacious and rural property available to build a new home. Red Hawk at J6 Ranch just outside of Tucson offers excellent Tucson Area Building Lots that are in this safer area.

Take a look at some of the figures:

Offense Cochise Pima
Murder 7 78
Rape/robbery/assault 739 4129
Burglary 755 7787
Population 131,346 980,263

In addition to having just a fraction of the violent crime of Pima county , Cochise county also reports its property crime rate is less than one tenth of the property crime of Pima county.

Its part of the reason the Cochise county area is growing in popularity as a place to build a new home and live. The size of the building lots also helps keep things safe. Having a larger lot in a rural area is often ideal for eliminating congestion and exposure to undesirable elements. The lots at Red Hawk at J6 ranch just a half hours drive from Tucson range from 2.3 to 5 acres. The Tucson area Building lots also offer the rural atmosphere and smaller area sense of community. This is a an established neighborhood that has seen remarkable popularity since being established nearly two decades ago. Tricia Friedrich, Marketing director for Western Land, says “the residents just tell us they feel safe and at home in this beautiful area. They have a sense of kinship with neighbors and say there is a feeling of peace that comes with living here.”  The development also offers all the conveniences of having a home near the city with close and convenient transportation, schools and shopping offered at nearby Benson, Arizona. The high standards put in place by the developers also keep the area free of undesirable elements. This is a carefully designed neighborhood where the architects kept safety and community in mind when constructing the plan. Additionally, those who buy a lot have the option of picking their own architect and construction company. That means the new homeowners have the option of crafting their own home. They also have no deadline to build. The safety of the area makes this a great investment.

Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch acreage offers the best Arizona custom home lots and land available in the foothills of the Whetstone Mountains, Cochise County. Arizona Land is still the best investment in the real estate world.

For those seeking a lot to build a new home, the utilities are already in place. Water, sewer paved streets reduce the number of headaches that new homebuilders usually face. Figure in the cost of how the lot will improve in value if these utilities are secured and in place for years to come. Cochise County, just a half hour drive from downtown Tucson via freeway, is the best available option for building lots near Tucson. It is a mix of suburban to rural setting with the room you need for a comfortable new home setting. . Tucson land 520-404-4239 or (800-797-0054 or 520-546-HAWK) The information used in this report was obtained from the Arizona Department of Public safety.

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