Tucson Construction prices expected to increase later this year

The best time to buy a lot and build a new home near Tucson  may be now. The main reason is an expected increase in Lumber prices and some construction materials. Softwood lumber costs are up Softwood lumber costs are up 7.4 percent. Compared to a year ago, lumber prices are now 11 percent higher, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

While the federal government also reported that quarter-over-quarter prices of iron and steel products dropped 4.9 percent the main cost of building a home are lumber prices, which some project will keep climbing. Concrete product prices were unchanged.

The increased cost of material is a sign the market for building homes is heating up. There is an expected rush of buyers who will want to lock in lot prices and construction costs before the demand starts to dramatically outpace supply. One of the places that let you choose your own builder is Red Hawk at J6 Ranch which offers real estate and Tucson Lots just a half hour drive from the metro. This developments offers 2.5 to 5 acre lots with utilities already installed at the curb which means you can avoid the expected price increases. The roads are already in place meaning there is less danger of sticker shock when oil prices for asphalt are increasing. The Tucson real estate market is expected to see costs increases in the future more than most real estate markets in the nation. The demand will likely push many of those who want to buy a lot and build a new home to building just outside of the Tucson Metro area where prices will remain affordable. For more information, Call 1-800-797-0054 to arrange a viewing of the options for Tucson lots .

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