Happy Holidays From WesternLand Investments

As our new year approaches we want to thank all of you who have supported us over the years.  We owe a lot to Rick Thompson of California  our web person and to Ross Kirgiss of Wisconsin, who have been with us in the background working hard to help us during this economic stress.  We just felt that a mention was necessary to these two guys!  Thank you both.

On a different side, with the new year coming in things may look up for the land business.  It all depends on what happens in our economy.  Hoping that things do improve we wish the best for all of you.   Please take the time if you are in the Tucson area to visit one of our projects, Red Hawk at J6 Ranch. I think you will be surprised.

This area is still one of the best in the entire southwest to retire to or move to.  We welcome new comers.  It is beautiful in the southeast of the southwest and you would not believe the skies at night.  It is hard to imagine when you work and live in a metropolitan area the a place like Tucson would exist.  We have dark nights because we are a low light city because of Kitt Peak.  The National Observatory makes star gazing for the novice from your front porch a delight. 

If you need the city bustle, the renovations to the downtown area are bringing in the best restaurants, not that we ever lacked in restaurants, we have some of the best in the west. Our theatre, opera, ballet leave no doubt of the fun and professionalism of our community.  You will love the town. 

Yes it takes a long time to cross from one side to another.  But you know what, you can live at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch, after building your own custom home and then just hop on the Interstate and be in town faster than you can cross Tucson! Amazing, yes it is. 

Well I just wanted to say hi.  Let you know we are still here.  Watch us for other projects in the future. 

Oh it would not be a complete posting if I did not mention our good friends over at Architectural Elements.  They can supply all your needs for residential or commerical doors and windows.  Check them out too.

Happy Holidays to you all.

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