Fantastically Great Day in Arizona

Hi, this Thursday morning brings us, in the Southwest, another glorious sunny day.  Don’t you wish you had them like we do.  When we have a day that has a cloud, or is overcast, we think, Hey, where is the sun?  Because that is unusual and that is just how it is in the west and most specifically in Arizona.  We are know for the 4 C’s; Climate, Copper, Citrus, and Cattle. There is a reason the song says “where skies are not cloudy all day”.  Yes, Yes, now I know the song referred to Kansas, be we have adopted it here in Arizona because we really have the perfect weather.   That is one reason people flee other states to migrate here. Why don’t you be one of those people. 

We at Red Hawk have joined with Fairfield Homes to place the most beautiful homes on the most spacious 2 to 5 acres lots.  Plenty of room to spread your wings and live the life of real western style leisure. Choose from three different floor plans available.  You can have a 1991 sq. ft.  from $240,000.00, or a 2550 sq. ft. from $275,000, or the largest plan 3000 sq. ft. for $320,000.   That pricing does not include home-site variances, upgrades, or options offered by Fairfield Homes Development LLC.  Home site variances will be presented as Lot Premiums.  Lot Premiums vary as to size, location, and development cost of each home site.

We have easy access to Interstate 10 (just 1.5 miles to I-10) and just 20 minutes from U of A Tech Park, Raytheon and 30 minutes from downtown Tucson and Tucson International airport.

What you really get used to living in the rolling hills of the Whetstone mountains, or anywhere around S.E. Arizona for that matter, is the expansive views of mountain ranges.  You truly can see forever!  Why not contact us and tell what your needs are 800-797-0054 or 520-546-HAWK for Jim; 520-481-9101 for Tricia and we are happy to send you any information we have and answer all your questions.

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