Summer Brings the Show in the Sky

What most people do not realize about the desert is – that we have the most beautiful monsoon season in the United States.  I can safely say that.  I borrowed a photo from KGUN news channel, that a person had sent in, because it does show you what I mean.  Join us at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch and this show is free to you every summer.  Just enough rain to cool things down a bit and just enough lightening to brighten your night skies.  But you know it is a dry heat the rest of the year and if you have not experienced that, well then, you can’t know how pleasant the desert can be.  Red Hawk is 4600′ elevation and just a tad cooler than Tucson. We are just a short 30 minutes from downtown off of Interstate 10 at J6 Ranch Road.

You will love living in the desert.  So much to do, hiking, golf, biking, swimming, horseback riding, bird watching, exploring the surround famous caves.  You name it we have it.  And not seasonally.  All year long you can enjoy for favorite pastime. Dont’ miss out on the special prices for the 2 to 5 acre custom home parcels at Red Hawk.  As the economy grows so do land prices.  As your dad used to say “Buy Land” a solid investment in your future.

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