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Winter in Tucson? 84 degrees

Howdy! Rodeo time here in Tucson.  I attended the event yesterday and it was fantastic to see the old west still alive and exciting.  Bull riders had a hard time staying on those 1500 pound, big horned animals!  In fact only one of the tough cowboys finally made it for the 8 seconds late in the after noon.  The most fun was the 4 year old and up lamb bareback riders.  Yes, it just made you laugh and yell and clap for the brave little cowboys and cowgirls.  Visitors from around the country, cold states, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming (my home state, well where I was born anyway), and many other states where in the stands.  They were enjoying the warmth of the sun and the fun of the west.

Visit the Accenture Golf Tournament which officially starts on Wednesday, and wrap up the week with a visit to the Tucson Rodeo Grounds for World Class Pro Rodeo Finals and it’s champions, right here in Tucson.

You can make this a permanent way of life if want to have country living within a few minutes reach of the city the Red Hawk at J6 Ranch custom home lots can be yours for just as little as $52,000.00 for 2.6 acres.  The lots at Red Hawk are ready to build on.  Remember what your dad said?  Buy Land!  Still holds true today.  The American dream is to own your own plot of land and be assured that it will be there for generations to come.  And it will, but first you must take the first step. See Red Hawk in Person. Just a short 30 minute drive east of Tucson on Interstate 10 and exit at 297.  You will love this country side!! Very different from downtown Tucson.  But all the views still there. We have terrain for everyone.Image

Come out and see why our residents that currently reside in Red Hawk the area.  Call us for information 800-797-0054 , 520546-4295 or 520-481-9101. See enough numbers here so that you will reach someone anytime you call.




Horse Rider in the distance.

Horse Rider in the distance.

View from Lot 192 at Red Hawk looking at Fairfield Homes new home model under construction. It will be completed in 60 days. Check us out. Red Hawk at J6 Ranch

Tucson area Land Company now offers building lots for horse ownership

Tucson – Red Hawk at J6 Ranch announced this month it is now offering specialized lots for those who want to build a home and keep horses on their property. The lots are 2.5 to 5 acres and located in the foot lands of the Whetstone Mountains just outside of Tucson. “We saw a demand from buyers who want to have horses on their property without a large land purchase.

The homeowners at Red Hawk at J6 were receptive to the idea and we think it is the best land value for horse lovers on the market” said Tricia Friedrich, a Tucson Associate Real Estate Broker with Western Land investments. One of the places offering the best deals on new home lots in Tucson is just outside the metro at Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch. The acreage offers Arizona custom home lots and land available in the foothills of the Whetstone Mountains, Cochise County.  Prices on the lots start at just $59,900. The development is just a half hour drive from Tucson, Tucson International Airport,  U of A Tech Park and  Raytheon between Vail and Benson, Arizon   “The properties are perfect for horses and make the dream of horse ownership on your own property a reality for those who thought they could never afford it” said Friedrich. Most ranches on the market now are either huge parcels that require a large investment or the smaller parcels available to not have streets and utilities already in place. Zoning and home owners associations have often prohibited horse ownership on lots near Tucson

It is one of the few places that offers the option for horses where the land is shovel ready with all the needed amenities. For those seeking a lot to build a new home, the utilities are already in place at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch. Water,  septic, and County maintained  streets reduce the number of headaches that new home owners usually face. Cochise County, just a half hour drive by freeway from downtown Tucson, is the best available option for building lots and Arizona Land.

A recent study by the American Horse Council Federation show the economic diversity of the American horse owner disproves the commonly held belief that significant wealth is a prerequisite for horse ownership. The largest group of horse owners (45%) is drawn from the middle class with an annual household income between $25,000 and $75,000. Only 9% of the population earns greater than $150,000 yearly and a full 11% of horse owners have an annual income of less than $25,000.ed Hawk at J6 Ranch has already attracted attention.

This successful development shows buyers know what value they have in this location near Tucson Arizona when choosing building lots.

The study has found that horse ownership appeals to all ages. The most horse owners (41%) are between the ages of 45 and 59. The 30-44 age brackets are the next most significant group with 35% of horses. The youngest demographic (18-29) is also coming on strong and owns 16% of all horses in America.

The ability for trucks to access your horses is critical. Regardless of the proximity to the main road, having a well-maintained, sturdy road to the barn and storage areas that allows large trucks to safely enter, and turn around, is imperative. Significant access to water for your horse is also important and Red Hawk at J6 Ranch already has all water connections in place ready for your building needs.

This successful development shows buyers know what value they have in this location near Tucson Arizona when choosing building lots.

Call 1-800-797-0054 to arrange a private tour or talk to Tricia Friedrich about your options. The sales office is open by appointment.


The really interesting thing about the location of Red Hawk is that when you are driving along Interstate 10 at J6 Ranch Road and you look at the country side you can see, you think DESERT, SPACE. But the thing you can not envision here, unless you get off the interstate and drive just a short 1.5 miles, are the cool summer breezes of the 4300 foot elevation, mesquite trees for shade, luxurious rolling grasslands and fabulous views of the Whetstone, Santa Rita, Rincon and Dragoon Mountains, all yours from spectacular lots. These are ready to build custom home Tucson Arizona lots in Red Hawk just between Vail and Benson.