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April is Quick Upon Us!

Well here we are coming up on April and the month of March has flown by!  You know living at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch has it rewards.  It is not remote.  Although sometimes as you  start to drive that direction you might have that thought pass through your mind.  Well you would be mistaken.  Sometimes it is nice to have the time to reflect on your life as you drive, of course paying attention to the road and the rules of the road, but you know what I mean just the same.  The day has really been rushed, the computer has taken over your life, your cell phone has become an appendage (what ever happened to the pay phone, do you know some people don’t even know what that is? No really, but I digress) your family needs your attention, all of these thoughts race wildly through your mind as you wade your way through the day and the traffic in the town of Tucson, and who knows what else you think about, only you do. 

But you give yourself a break.  Head home.  Take Interstate 10 East towards Vail, Benson and let your car glide off the Interstate on J6 Ranch Road and go south 1.5 miles to the prettiest land in the Tucson area.  Now, I say Tucson, just 30 minutes from downtown really, because that drive that was cluttered with thoughts will melt away as you driving the short distance into Red Hawk at J6 Ranch, Benson AZ. , and yes we are not Tucson, but very near Tucson.  We are 100 feet into Cochise County.  How great is that?  Lower taxes most likely.  Schools rated number 1 in the state for 2013.  Yes, definitely another place, but still close to hospital, schools, shopping all just minutes away in Benson.  The majestic  foothills of the Whetstone Mountains become your haven of peace and quiet of western style living.  Rainbows at the end of your day?  You betcha!

ImageTry this lot at Red Hawk. Image Its your rainbow lot!

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Oh Yes, What can we do in April in the Tuscon – Benson area?  Well ask us we can always tell you.