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Hi There!

Well we have just completed a deal with Mutual of Omaha Bank for financing at Red Hawk.  Take a look.  I hope you will give us a call to see which lot you now would like to buy. 




Ok now there is nothing else to wait for.  Great location, great weather, great views, great energy and Great Life Style.

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April is Quick Upon Us!

Well here we are coming up on April and the month of March has flown by!  You know living at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch has it rewards.  It is not remote.  Although sometimes as you  start to drive that direction you might have that thought pass through your mind.  Well you would be mistaken.  Sometimes it is nice to have the time to reflect on your life as you drive, of course paying attention to the road and the rules of the road, but you know what I mean just the same.  The day has really been rushed, the computer has taken over your life, your cell phone has become an appendage (what ever happened to the pay phone, do you know some people don’t even know what that is? No really, but I digress) your family needs your attention, all of these thoughts race wildly through your mind as you wade your way through the day and the traffic in the town of Tucson, and who knows what else you think about, only you do. 

But you give yourself a break.  Head home.  Take Interstate 10 East towards Vail, Benson and let your car glide off the Interstate on J6 Ranch Road and go south 1.5 miles to the prettiest land in the Tucson area.  Now, I say Tucson, just 30 minutes from downtown really, because that drive that was cluttered with thoughts will melt away as you driving the short distance into Red Hawk at J6 Ranch, Benson AZ. , and yes we are not Tucson, but very near Tucson.  We are 100 feet into Cochise County.  How great is that?  Lower taxes most likely.  Schools rated number 1 in the state for 2013.  Yes, definitely another place, but still close to hospital, schools, shopping all just minutes away in Benson.  The majestic  foothills of the Whetstone Mountains become your haven of peace and quiet of western style living.  Rainbows at the end of your day?  You betcha!

ImageTry this lot at Red Hawk. Image Its your rainbow lot!

Your custom home fits perfectly. Call us for information 800-797-0054

Oh Yes, What can we do in April in the Tuscon – Benson area?  Well ask us we can always tell you.



What will we do in March the Tucson & Benson Arizona Area?

ImageThinking about living at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch? Owning your own property to build your custom home on? Wondering what in the world would I do in March if I lived and enjoyed the leisurely western lifestyle everyday?  Well, think about this…

What to do in March?  Well it is fabulous weather for sure…so hiking is in, golfing is in and biking is in, birds are flying around and building nest for your bird watchers, I guess that covers it for your athletic types out there, unless, of course, I have missed something.  If you lived near Tucson, say for example at Red Hawk at J6 Ranch you could run up to Phoenix for Baseball Spring Training that is going on right now!  Too bad, of course you just missed the Cowboy Poetry at the Bar-D ranch that is held every year in Benson,  and if you lived at Red Hawk you would be near to Benson Arizona Got Mud? Mud Run to be held in May.  You don’t know what that is?  Well you might if you lived at Red Hawk and roamed into Benson now and then.


March 8th you could attend the 32nd Annual Wa:K Powwow on 1950 W San Xavier Rd. Tucson. The annual gathering of the Tohono O’odham Nation features inter-tribal dances, hoop dance contest, drum contests, crafts and food vendors at Mission San Xavier del Bac.

March 15th, is the 27th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival  at 221 Sixth Ave in Tucson.  Be Irish for the day and enjoy the celebrations at the festival in Armory Park in Downtown Tucson. The annual one-hour parade begins at 11 a.m. at Stone Avenue and 16th Street and make its way through Downtown streets and ending at Armory Park.. The parade will feature Irish dancers and music, floats, bands, food and fun.

In any event, the thing is living at Red Hawk, buying your own land to build on, is a smart choice for you.  It is a good place to put your investment money.  Your home in Red Hawk will only appreciate in value.  If you want land now, but don’t want to build until later that is ok too.  We don’t set the requirement time for building.  That in itself is valuable. Lets say you are in your late 30’s, and you think Arizona is the place to buy land now, prices are very good, this project has done the infrastructure it is in at today’s cost, not 5 or 10 or 20 years from now cost, so this is the way for  you to go.  Lot prices start at $52,000 for 2.6 acres. Let me tell you a little story.

In the 1960’s I used to drive from Northern California to Tucson to visit family.  As I drove in on Interstate 10 and crossed the lonely barren desert west of downtown Phoenix, I would see for sale signs posted in the desert $100 per acre .  I used to think to myself who in their right mind would spend $100 on an acre of desert?  Well if we had crystal balls, we would all be rich.  All of that area I used to cross is inhabited over the years by developments, hotels, resorts, shopping centers.  Who knew?  Apparently not me.  The land at Red Hawk is a bargain.  Never mind the beauty of the landscape, the peace, the good energy that flows from the land, the wildlife at your door step, the fantastic and expansive mountain view from every point on your piece of the old west, it just makes good sense. Why do you think we have so many snowbirds in Arizona.  They all knew that is where they wanted to be at the end of the day.

Photo shown is Lot 192 who wouldn’t want that view!

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Safety figures show benefit of living just outside of Tucson

The most recent figures from the Arizona Department of Public Safety show that living in Cochise County is much safer than living in neighboring Tucson and Pima County. The report shows that violent crimes in Cochise County happen at roughly one tenth the rate that they happen in Pima County.

Part of the reason may be the spacious and rural property available to build a new home. Red Hawk at J6 Ranch just outside of Tucson offers excellent Tucson Area Building Lots that are in this safer area.

Take a look at some of the figures:

Offense Cochise Pima
Murder 7 78
Rape/robbery/assault 739 4129
Burglary 755 7787
Population 131,346 980,263

In addition to having just a fraction of the violent crime of Pima county , Cochise county also reports its property crime rate is less than one tenth of the property crime of Pima county.

Its part of the reason the Cochise county area is growing in popularity as a place to build a new home and live. The size of the building lots also helps keep things safe. Having a larger lot in a rural area is often ideal for eliminating congestion and exposure to undesirable elements. The lots at Red Hawk at J6 ranch just a half hours drive from Tucson range from 2.3 to 5 acres. The Tucson area Building lots also offer the rural atmosphere and smaller area sense of community. This is a an established neighborhood that has seen remarkable popularity since being established nearly two decades ago. Tricia Friedrich, Marketing director for Western Land, says “the residents just tell us they feel safe and at home in this beautiful area. They have a sense of kinship with neighbors and say there is a feeling of peace that comes with living here.”  The development also offers all the conveniences of having a home near the city with close and convenient transportation, schools and shopping offered at nearby Benson, Arizona. The high standards put in place by the developers also keep the area free of undesirable elements. This is a carefully designed neighborhood where the architects kept safety and community in mind when constructing the plan. Additionally, those who buy a lot have the option of picking their own architect and construction company. That means the new homeowners have the option of crafting their own home. They also have no deadline to build. The safety of the area makes this a great investment.

Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch acreage offers the best Arizona custom home lots and land available in the foothills of the Whetstone Mountains, Cochise County. Arizona Land is still the best investment in the real estate world.

For those seeking a lot to build a new home, the utilities are already in place. Water, sewer paved streets reduce the number of headaches that new homebuilders usually face. Figure in the cost of how the lot will improve in value if these utilities are secured and in place for years to come. Cochise County, just a half hour drive from downtown Tucson via freeway, is the best available option for building lots near Tucson. It is a mix of suburban to rural setting with the room you need for a comfortable new home setting. . Tucson land 520-404-4239 or (800-797-0054 or 520-546-HAWK) The information used in this report was obtained from the Arizona Department of Public safety.


Report: Now is the time to buy Real Estate

Some of America’s brightest and wealthiest people have revealed they are looking to invest in real estate as a safe bet in today’s economy.


John Malone is now America’s biggest individual landowner. The 70-year-old cable pioneer and chairman of Liberty Media now owns 2.2 million acres, after purchasing more than 1 million acres of timberland this year.

Now is the time to buy land, he said, because of low borrowing costs and low prices.  Malone told the Wall Street Journal regarding real estate that land “is a pretty decent hedge on the devaluation of currency.”

Malone started snapping up land in the 1990s, buying in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. He bought the 290,100-acre Bell Ranch in 2010 and uses it to raise cattle and horses. Mr. Malone said his main interest is land conservation and maintaining the sustainable forestry programs with the New England parcel.

There are those who believe the wealthy are likely to continue looking at large tracts of land as the safest long-term, hard assets at a time of extreme market volatility and low borrowing costs.


What does it mean for you? If you live in the Tucson, Arizona area and are looking to invest or just buy a lot for building a home, it means now is the best time to invest.


New figures show Real estate prices in Tucson dropped 4.53 percent from July to August, and they have dropped 1 percent from August to September this year. Interest rates remain around 4 percent or even a little lower.

One of the best reasons to build a home in is the decline in prices of already existing homes, although the cost of buying new homes are up from last year. With Tucson real estate statistics showing lower interest rates and the lower cost of owning a home versus renting, interested buyers may want to take advantage of home ownership this fall. The average price per square foot is $87.00, a decrease of 13 percent compared to last year, so this is good news for the potential buyer. Interest rates remain around 4 percent or even a little lower.


The real estate market has slowed down a little recently because the tax credit deadline has expired, but the market still continues to be attractive because real estate prices have declined. Over 603,000 homes have sold this year compared to 595,000 last year. Since home sales have started a slow growth, this means land will be more valuable.

Those interested in financing may find interest rates as low as 2.65 percent. The price of renting in the area continues to rise, with an increase of 3 percent, or $19.00 a month since last year. As of August, 2011, house rentals are as high as $1100.00 a month and higher depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in. Compare the cost of each, as building may be the more inexpensive way to go during the long haul.

New homes and land investment might offer the best opportunity. If you are a homebuyer, the struggling market could be your advantage. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen a better time to buy” said Tricia Friedrich, Marketing director at Western land which operates Red Hawk at J6 Ranch just outside of Tucson in Cochise County. Call 1-800-797-0054 to arrange a private tour.

The experts and the data suggest now is the time to invest in land in the Tucson area. http://www.westernland.com


Exit 297 J-6 Ranch Rd

Construction on the Interstate 10 overpass damaged caused by a firey big-rig accident last month is well underway. They closed the Interstate one Friday night last week while they took down the overpass. Don’t worry you can still come out to Red Hawk to see what custom home lot is available now.The best land deals in Arizona on prime acres just East of Tucson.

Good Roads lead to new building lots just outside of Tucson

One of the first things new home builders want is a good road to their new home.

It is interesting to find what separates Red Hawk at J6 Ranch is its paved roads that are maintained by the county. Prospective builders are shying away from areas with private roads where there is uncertainty about maintenance and costs.

Cochise county maintains the roads so there is certainty of excellence. We recently noticed on the county site how the roads are maintained well. Here is an excerpt demonstrating their standards.

“Operations Maintenance conducts field work from five individual Road Yard bases (Highway Maintenance Yards) in the North and South districts.   Crews cover County Maintained roads according to prioritized scheduling and approved work plans, and routine maintenance activities range from the grading of native surfaced roads and the repair or preservation of paved road surfaces, to drainage and other roadside maintenance.  A wide variety of additional work is performed to maintain structures and guarantee safe driving conditions on roads within the network of County Maintained Roads.    Seasonal projects may include the combined resources of more than one Road Yard Crew and equipment shared by both North and South Districts.   Crews may be spread out over hundreds of square miles performing routine maintenance activities, emergency repairs and storm patrols, or they may converge during chip seal season to construct and pave roads or perform other highly visible surface maintenance projects.  No matter the job, the presence of our Operations Maintenance Crews and other Highway & Floodplain support staff is vital to the transportation needs of citizens in every corner of Cochise County. ”

That’s good news for the home buying public at Red Hawk at J6 ranch just 30 minutes outside of Tucson.